Three good reasons
for aluminium tubes

No other packaging offers such clear advantages for manufacturers and end-consumers. Tubes made of aluminium protect your product, care for our environment and send a powerful message about your brand.

Protection for
your products

For generations, aluminium tubes have been the first-choice packaging for highly sensitive products. Today, more than a century after the tubes were invented, they have lost none of their appeal. No other material protects so effectively against light, air and other environmental factors, and naturally guarantees such a long shelf life.

Aluminium tubes protect the products that attract your customers, they also…

… can be almost fully emptied
… help to save energy
… reduce the need
for preservatives
… protect their contents
from light and air

… prevent contamination caused
by air suck-back
… offer full temperature stability
… guarantee long shelf life
… are ideal for sterilisation

Protection for
our planet

When considering packaging for your product, it is more important than ever to think about the environment as well. Few raw materials are naturally available in such abundance as aluminium, and few can be recycled over and over again with such ease. Choosing aluminium is a choice for the future of our planet.

Six facts about aluminium

When considering packaging for your product, it is more important than ever to think about the environment as well. Few raw materials are naturally available in such abundance as aluminium, and few can be recycled over and over again with such ease. Choosing aluminium is a choice for the future of our planet.

75% of all aluminium produced to date is still in use
Europe already recycles 60% of its aluminium packaging
Recycling uses 95% less energy than primary aluminium production
Innovations can reduce the weight of aluminium to preserve both resources and the environment
Aluminium provides sustainable support for the circular economy
Aluminium is a durable material that can be infinitely recycled without any loss in quality

Protection for
your brand

By effectively protecting products and caring for the environment, aluminium tubes are a powerful ambassador for your brand.

Combine growth
with responsibility

Packaging is a statement
Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware and quality-conscious. So as well as the rational advantages, aluminium tubes also top the list for emotional benefits. This is a powerful argument that you can harness for your brand.

Aluminium is a powerful marketing argument
Market studies show that the product itself is no longer the only factor behind purchasing decisions. More and more people are now also considering the product’s packaging. When it comes to increasing a brand’s value and strengthening the connection people feel to a brand, environmentally friendly packaging outperforms even the best advertising and communication campaigns.

Aluminium tubes are particularly effective for improving brand loyalty among well-informed target groups. So it makes sense to expect more from aluminium packaging!


Be ready
when the young
generation says
no to a plastic future!

Product Features

Discover a world of new possibilities for the size, look and feel of your aluminium tubes. From the right size and shape, to the colour of lacquer and the style of our practical and secure closures, we can create the perfect packaging for your product.


Tamper-proof membranes
Star-shaped membranes
Closures in various sizes, shapes and colours
Plastic threads
Aluminium or plastic nozzles
Tamper-proof closures


Plain or lacquered
Embossed or debossed
Designed for maximum emptying


Gloss or matt
Metallic look
Pearl effect
Transparent (no finish)


Product-specific (complies with the requirements of the contents)
BPA-NI lacquer


Up to eight colours
UV colours


Choice of diameters
11 mm (2 ml) to 50 mm (350 ml)
Choice of lengths
Cylindrical or conical

The possibilities
are endless

Our innovative decorative options promise the perfect finish for your aluminum tubes. We offer a wide selection of external lacquers – gloss or mat, metallic or transparent – that can achieve impressive visual and tactile effects to give your tubes a personal touch. Using state-of-the-art technologies (with up to eight colours), we turn your designs into a perfect reality. In addition to our decorative services, our environmentally friendly water-based external lacquers and micro colour codes bring a wealth of practical benefits to your tubes.

Our service will take you further

We provide you with comprehensive service and extensive expertise during every step of our journey together.

Digital computer-to-plate technology
In-house tool preparation
Back-up factories

Repro department
Aluminium hedging

We go beyond
your expectations

1. We put your business first

We’re fully focused on our customers and on solutions. We continually invest in our production capacities so that we can help our customers succeed.

2. Our marketing mindset is user-focused

We’re always thinking about what consumers want from packaging so that we can give you the best possible advice and support.

3. We’re aluminium specialists

As experts in aluminium, we care about every single detail of your packaging. We can deliver technically superior solutions with outstanding product properties.

4. We manage quality along the whole production chain

Seamless quality management is the foundation of high-quality products. Every step in our production process is QM-assured to help your products succeed on the market.

5. We’re a motivated team

If you enjoy doing something, you’ll do it really well. We are deeply committed to ensuring our employees – who are all experts in their fields – are highly motivated and happy at work.

6. We innovate all the time

Our innovative power is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and is a major driving force for our growth. Innovation is the key to helping our customers flourish.

7. We excel at implementation

Every part of our company contributes to our overall success. Each division is optimally equipped with personnel, technology and specialist knowledge. After all, both you and your customers expect nothing less.

8. We’re flexible and reliable

With three production plants and high reserve capacities, we can offer the highest level of reliability for your delivery – even during busy periods or if an unexpected situation arises.

A safe choice,
every time

We take responsibility
TUBEX Aluminium Tubes Group holds all the certificates typically expected in the packaging industry, and complies with the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. We’re responsible for making sure that your products are packaged in the best way possible, and we promise that we will continue to fully live up to this in the future.

What can we do
for you and
your business?

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