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TUBEX has been manufacturing aluminium tubes for more than 70 years. In collaboration with our partners, we develop pioneering packaging that shapes the entire industry. By creating a new division called TUBEX Aluminium Tubes, we can now combine our expertise from three production locations and four sales offices and offer our customers the largest production capacities in the world.

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TUBEX is part of a strong group, which means we are optimally equipped for the future. Collaboration with the other companies in CAG Holding, which is wholly owned by the industrialist Cornelius Alexander Grupp, is an invaluable market advantage for us. Our subsidiaries include some of the most renowned brands involved in producing and processing glass, plastics and – of course – aluminium.

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Combining innovation with
decades of expertise

A strong and reliable partner
With decades of experience, our specialised focus on producing aluminium tubes, and a steady expansion of our capacities, we are strengthening and growing our market-leading position, right up to the global level. This allows us to offer our partners and our employees a solid foundation for a successful future.

We don’t see ourselves as a tube manufacturer …
… but rather as a stepping stone that helps businesses to fully satisfy – and even delight – their customers. Our expert teams and innovative technologies are the key to achieving this goal.

We deliver

We develop tomorrow’s
packaging for you today

Helping your ideas find their feet

Long-term success relies on the ability to understand consumers and identify changing market trends at an early stage. In collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we develop innovative solutions that will allow us to help shape the future of the entire industry.

You name your requirements, we provide the technical expertise and the necessary production capacities. Everything we do is tailored to developing the best and most advanced packaging that will inspire your customers now and in the future.

Fully emptiable
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Over 70 years
on the market

Global expertise gathered
over seven decades

Knowledge comes from experience. We began with manufacturing aluminium tubes over 70 years ago. Since then, we have become the world’s leading provider.

By founding TUBEX Aluminium Tubes, we can now guarantee our customers the world’s largest production capacities and the highest level of delivery reliability.



On the map

Tubex Austria
In Wolfsberg befindet sich eine Produktionsstätte von Tubex.
Tubex Slovakia
Auf diesem Bild befindet sich die Produktionsstätten Tubex Slovakia.
Tubex Russia
Sales Italy
Sales Germany
Ein Sales Office von Tubex befindet sich in München.
Tubex Austria
Foundation: 2001
Location: Carinthia (South of Austria)
Diameter range: 11-40mm (incl. 32+38mm)
Focus: Pharma
Specialities: Cleanroom for the highest quality and hygiene standards, most advanced pharmaceutical tube factory in Europe, cylindrical and conical tubes
ISO 9001:2015 Download
ISO 15378:2018 Download
ISO 14001:2015 Download
FSSC 22000 Download
Drug Master File Download
Tubex Slovakia
Foundation: 2005
Location: Zarnovica (Banska Bystrica)
Diameter range: 13,5-50mm
Focus: Food & Cosmetics
Specialities: World’s largest and most advanced aluminium tube factory, warehousing for food customers
ISO 9001:2015 Download
ISO 15378:2017 Download
FSSC 22000 Download
File Download
Dieses Bild zeigt das Tubexwerk Zarnovica in der Slowakei.Dieses Bild zeigt die Fertigung im Tubexwerk Slovakia.Dieses Bild zeigt die Produktion im Tubexwerk Slovakia.
Tubex Russia
Foundation: 1995
Location: Ulijanowka (close to St. Petersburg)
Diameter range: 13,5-40mm
Focus: Cosmetics & Pharma
Specialities: Market leader in Russia, the only specialist for pharmaceutical tubes in Russia
ISO 9001:2015 Download
Tubex RusslandAuf diesem Bild sieht man die Umrüstung der Produktion bei Tubex.Tubex stellt Tuben für unterschiedliche Industrien wie Food oder Pharma her.

We invest in
technology for you

Benefit from the
largest and most
advanced production
premises in the world.

TUBEX is the most progressive manufacturer in the industry
In recent years, we’ve invested heavily in the quality of our manufacturing to optimise speed, precision, flexibility and printing. We paid particular attention to expanding our capacities so that we can always react quickly and guarantee the highest quality – even for large order volumes.

Global leader
in production capacities

We offer the largest capacities
By increasing the number of units we can produce and maximising our capacities, we are able to offer our partners a solid basis for a successful future. We can help you profitably serve markets – now and in the future, no matter how quickly the demand grows.


Reap the benefits
of our team spirit

The key to success
A happy, motivated team is the engine that drives every successful organisation. We make sure our staff have a positive working environment, permanent access to training and a variety of attractive, international career opportunities. As a result, our staff love what they do and are fully committed to helping our customers succeed.

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