Time's up for
single-use packaging

The smart solution:
A tube made of a monomaterial

Besides ensuring practicality and user friendliness, today’s packaging must also respond to new environmental requirements. The Monotube is the latest product in our environmental range, and the perfect solution for anyone seeking sustainable tube packaging made of a single, highly protective material.


The Monotube is produced with 100% recycled aluminium, 95% of which is PCR. It is fully recyclable and has an aluminium closure instead of a plastic cap. Because every part of the Monotube is produced from aluminium, we manufacture it in one production step that already includes the closure. There is no need to separately manufacture and screw-on a plastic cap. Subsequent production steps (such as for interior coating, printing, and fold sealant) are the same as with standard aluminium tubes.

Made entirely of a single recycled material, the Monotube responds to today’s environmental requirements for packaging by reducing emissions and ensuring a high level of recyclability and circularity. On request the tube is also available with PIR or virgin aluminium.

One material, two choices:
monodose or reseal

The Monotube gives you the option of using all the product in one go, or resealing it temporarily.
This is how it works: To open the Monotube, simply snap off the aluminium closure. Squeeze the tube gently to dispense the product. If you don’t want to use it all, you can temporarily reseal the Monotube by turning the closure over and inserting it back into the tube.

Available in
different sizes
for various

The importance of monodose packaging made of a single material is steadily increasing. Designed well, it has remarkable power to encourage loyalty for the product and, in the case of samples, to convince consumers to buy the full-sized version.

Growing environmental awareness among consumers is creating opportunities for innovative sustainable packaging in all business sectors. The Monotube is available in a range of sizes that pave the way for multiple applications across key branches of industry.

  • Beauty and personal care products, such as face masks, hand creams, hair dyes and toothpaste
  • Food products, such as mustard, mayonnaise and other spreads
  • Household/Industrial products, such as glue
  • Pharmaceutical products, such as gels and ointments

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