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As the demand for sustainable and circular packaging grows, solutions for refilling existing containers are now entering the spotlight. Refill packaging will be disposed of immediately after use, so it must have a low environmental impact and be easy to recycle. It should also be user-friendly and protect its contents extremely well.

We designed the MonoRefill to do all of this.

Our refill tube is lightweight, made of 100% recycled aluminium (95% of which is PCR), and very easy to recycle. A unique alloy designed especially for TUBEX allows us to reuse aluminium packaging that has already been disposed of and recycled. We manufacture the MonoRefill in a single step using a single aluminium slug. This means it’s made of a single material (no plastic cap) and therefore much easier to recycle.

The MonoRefill reduces emissions, helps eliminate waste, and keeps valuable packaging materials in the loop.


We also designed the MonoRefill with the consumer experience in mind.

It’s easy and satisfying to use: Just snap off the aluminium closure and empty the contents into the original container – down to the last drop. The tube allows easy emptying while preventing spillages or mess, even with liquids like perfume.

After refilling, consumers can flip the closure over and insert it back into the tube so everything gets recycled together.

Easy andsatisfying to use

Easy andsatisfying to use

Easy andsatisfying to use

A multitalented tube

Most refill solutions on the market today aren’t circular, and some aren’t even recyclable.

The MonoRefill gives you a sustainable solution for refilling original packaging. It’s a planet-friendly alternative to existing refills made of plastics or other hard-to-recycle materials.

It’s also ideal for multiple product categories, such as beauty, personal, and home care. It can refill different types of containers and small bottles, making it perfect for perfume. And it can carry concentrates to refill bigger bottles or dispensers.

As a lightweight, easily recyclable tube made of a single material, the Monorefill gives you exactly what you need from a refill pack:

High-quality, user-friendly packaging with a low environmental impact.

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