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the blue tube
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The best argument for aluminium tubes is the infinite recyclability of the raw material. Now we’ve taken a step further by developing the most sustainable tube packaging in the world. Introducing the blue tube.

The blue tube is made of 100% recycled aluminium in a specially developed alloy and provides the same outstanding product properties that you expect from all our aluminium tubes. Tubes made of recycled aluminium require significantly less energy than conventional tubes. This results in a much smaller carbon footprint and a much better Life Cycle Assessment of the aluminium tube.

The blue tube is the tube packaging of the future. Join us on this sustainable pathway, and be there from the very first step!

We are introducing the blue tube: the first tube made of 100% recycled aluminium

slugs made of 100% recycled aluminium
aluminium alloy developed exclusively by TUBEX Aluminium Tubes
industrial series
full range of
diameters available
recycled plastic
closures available
waterbased exterior
lacquer available

A closed
material loop

Aluminium is a brilliant raw material that can be recycled again and again, with no loss in quality. It can be turned into new packaging or used in the car industry, construction sector or high-tech fields.

With the blue tube, we are the first manufacturer to close the material loop by bringing recycled aluminium back into tube production.

Recycling saves

of energy needed to produce aluminium

Our CSR roadmap

of our Management
to sustainability
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CSR Team and s
trong support
in all plants
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Tracking KPI’s
by EcoVadis
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