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aluminium tubes

Aluminium tubes made by the experts
protect their contents and the environment – and offer a wealth of added value for you and your customers.

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Three good reasons
aluminium tubes

Innovative specialists with over 70 years of experience
Our expertise spans more than seven decades, we invest heavily in our production capacities and we’re constantly innovating. This makes us the ideal partner for any company looking to attract both current and future generations of consumers.

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The COSMETICS, FOOD, PHARMA and INDUSTRIAL sectors are our core business. Our deep understanding of these sectors and their needs means that we can provide them with the very best solutions. Browse each sector for more details.

Cosmeticsby Tubex

In the world of cosmetics, the “frills” play an especially important role in appealing to consumers and drawing attention to new products. Lightweight, robust and secure packaging is just as important as sophisticated design and sustainable materials.

Foodby Tubex

Aluminium is the first-choice packaging for many types of food. As well as protecting its contents from light and air, aluminium packaging is tasteless, preserves the flavour of the food and is ideal for sterilisation. What’s more, aluminium has superb environmental properties and offers a wide range of design options.

Pharmaby Tubex

Aluminium’s outstanding properties – as a barrier against air, light, moisture and microorganisms – mean that our tubes are an excellent choice for pharmaceutical products. In particular, they offer optimal protection for highly sensitive drugs and help extend their shelf life.

Industryby Tubex

Aluminium tubes are light, slim, space-saving and so robust that they often require no outer packaging. As a result, you can transport more products with less packaging, which drastically reduces the impact on the environment. The high recycling rates of our aluminium tubes also helps our customers achieve positive life cycle assessments.

Endless possibilities

Discover a world of new possibilities for the size, look and feel of your aluminium tubes. From the right size and shape, to the colour of lacquer and the style of our practical and secure closures, we can create the perfect packaging for your product.


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