3 Rs for maximum sustainability 18. februára 2020

For us SUSTAINABILITY isn’t just a word. It is our daily mission.
Find out the 3 REASONS, why the blue tube evo is the best choice for your product & our planet:

REDUCE – Saving of resources and waste consciousness

The blue tube evo can be designed as a lightweight tube with up to 15% less aluminium without compromising the tube’s functionality. This helps to use resources even more efficiently and further reduces associated CO2 emissions. The lightweight variant also shows an improved restitution rate which is 20% higher than with plastic tubes. The content can be used to the very last drop, which avoids unnecessary waste and reduces the environmental impact of the product.


RECYCLE – Aluminium is a recycling champion

Aluminium packaging already exceeds the EU’s recycling targets. And with more than 220 aluminium recycling plants in Europe, we’re well-equipped for things to improve even further. While other recyclable materials decline in quality after each recycling, aluminium retains all of its outstanding properties. Thanks to the recycling process which uses 95% less energy than primary production and the high content of PCR material, the blue tube evo has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than classic aluminium tubes.


REUSE – For a circular economy that works

The infinite recyclability of the raw material has always been the best argument for aluminium tubes, but now it is time to think circular and to take the next step. With the blue tube evo we are bringing used tubes back into the tube production and keep the benefits and value of our product in the loop. Made of 100% recycled aluminium with 95% post-consumer recycled content the blue tube evo is the ultimate proof that a circular economy can work.


Read more about the world’s most sustainable aluminium tube brand at www.tubex-tube.com/blue-tube-evo/.

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