TUBEX wins the Tube of
the Year Award 2024 12. июня 2024

It's time to celebrate again: We're excited to announce that TUBEX has won the etma Tube of the Year Award 2024 for the best aluminum tube!

We’re honored to be recognized for our impact and leadership, especially with such a chic partner: Chanel.


CHANEL chose our Blue Tube Evo as the packaging for its new, limited-edition Chance hand creams. The delicate, refreshing creams feature the familiar floral scents of CHANEL’s Chance fragrances.


For the creams, we designed a Blue Tube Evo that combines sustainability with the sophistication you would expect from CHANEL: Made of an innovative material that uses 95% PCR content, the tubes are infinitely recyclable, significantly reduce carbon emissions and are designed to close the packaging loop. Each tube is decorated in a soft pastel shade that matches the cream’s fragrance and reflects the brand’s trademark style. They have a pearlescent finish and an elegant octagonal closure. The creams come in a sleek box containing all three scents.


For a brand built on timeless beauty, CHANEL is the perfect partner for stylish, eco-friendly packaging. We’re proud to share this award with such a prestigious partner.

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