TUBEX wins the Tube of the Year
Award 2022 31. августа 2022

When a tube becomes in icon - TUBEX wins the Tube of the Year Award 2022 with Chanel N°5
It’s time to celebrate again: TUBEX has won the etma Tube of the Year award for the fourth time in a row! We’re delighted to receive ths recognition of our strong impact and leadership in our industry – and we did it with a very chic partner: Chanel No5.

To mark 100 years of Chanel N°5, the legendary brand launched a limited edition of beauty products in very special packaging. The Chanel Factory 5 Collection presented its gels and lotions in functional containers like oil cans and paint pots, each printed with the iconic black-and-white design. Our tubes carried La Crème Corps (150 ml and 20 ml) and Le Gel Douche (20 ml). All three tubes featured a matt finish across the body and shoulder, and a white octagonal cap. They were styled to resemble the tubes of paint you would normally find in an art supplies store, with the smaller tubes presented as a set in a chic monochrome box.

TUBEX is very proud to be part of this timeless collection, and to be joint winner of the etma award with Chanel.

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