TUBEX wins the Tube of the Year
Award 2021 4. ноября 2021

All good things come in threes! For the third time in a row, TUBEX Aluminium Tubes has won the etma Tube of the Year Award in the aluminium tubes category. 

This year, we won the award with our Monotube – and we’re delighted to share this success with our partner, REN Clean Skincare, who chose the Monotube as an eco-smart sampling solution.


The Monotube is extremely sustainable:

  • It’s made of a single material
  • It reduces the use of plastics
  • It’s easy to recycle
  • It closes the loop by using post-consumer recycled aluminium


Plus, its smart snap-off closure allows consumers to either use all the product in one go, or save some for later and reseal the tube temporarily.

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