A glittering success 1. Luglio 2019

We’re delighted to have received the Tube of the Year Award 2019
Discover yet another innovation from TUBEX Aluminium Tubes: our tube featuring a special, shimmering pearlescent effect is a real eye-catcher! What’s more, it’s just been crowned Tube of the Year 2019 by the European Tube Manufacturers Association! ETMA brings together more than 40 manufacturers of aluminium, plastic and laminate tubes operating in 18 countries across Europe. Its annual awards recognise the most outstanding tube packaging in the categories aluminium, plastic and laminate. This year, the honour was ours – thanks to an aluminium tube with a shimmering pearlescent effect created for the hair dye Estell’er. The new tubes are developed and produced by TUBEX Russia in Ulyanovka. The customer was looking for a visually appealing aluminium tube with a special shimmering effect. TUBEX Russia responded by creating a technology for integrating fine pearlescent pigments into the external lacquer. In combination with the high-grade halftone printing and a closure also enhanced with pearlescent pigments, the award-winning aluminium tubes are a shining example of successful collaboration between customer and supplier.
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